Bubble Hash Super Fine

Super Fine Bubble Hash, only from Crescendo Concentrates

Why is bubble hash called bubble hash?

Plants develop secondary chemical defense mechanisms to deter predators, some we know as terpenes.  Another chemical defense compound is saponins, what we know as the plant based soap lather.  Saponins are defense mechanisms that cause gastrointestinal disruption in the predators, something we want to avoid too. The saponins lather up when cannabis is agitated in cold water causing sudsy bubbles to form.  These sudsy bubbles are then washed off the hash.  How well the saponins are washed off the hash will determine the stickiness of the hash or how temple balls and hash bricks are formed.

? – Why is Crescendo Concentrates bubble hash Super Fine, because it’s Super Clean!!!

The weed is frozen to -20F before washing, enabling the breakage of trichomes from the plant matter.

We use quadruple filtered ice water to wash the trichomes through the filter bags.  The temperature never rises above 34F during the wash process preserving aromatics and eliminating chlorophyll.

The hash is thoroughly washed free of sticky sudsy saponins and why it is Super Fine rather than sticky like temple balls or brick hash.

Super Fine Bubble Hash, only from Crescendo Concentrates

Don’t wash your mouth out with soap!!!!

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