About Us

We are…

As of June 2023, Crescendo Concentrates is launching into the Oregon cannabis market.

We are a small team of diligent emphatic individuals with a deep curiosity of what’s gonna happen next. We each lead unique lives pursuing interests and careers outside of cannabis.

One of us is a motorcycle enthusiast who also owns and operates a vintage bike repair shop in NE Portland. Another is a self-taught biochemical engineer developing equipment and processes creating unique cannabinoids and other exotic compounds. The third is an OG of Seattle Hempfest Hemposium and a co-founder of the Cannabis Defense Coalition. As well, our OG is the recipient of the Terpestival Terpene Tournament Best in Show Solventless and MMJ Universe Concentrate Cup 2nd Place RSO. Inventor of Muleshine, a cannabis cocktail mixer for Mule Extracts and consistently top ten in beverage sales. As a certified aromatherapist from Bastyr university, our OG is focused on developing a method for precision product development called Cannabis Aromatherapy. We carefully steam distill Cannabis essential oils in-house and will blend to your specific need.

With how much we know today about cannabis, everybody can have a good experience through Cannabis Aromatherapy. Contact us to learn more about individually blended cannabis essential oils for your aromatic therapy.

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